The Beyo Group is associated with excellence in real estate property development.

We have successfully designed, sold and delivered over 500 dwellings and commercial buildings targeted to relevant market groups.

Our management team have the experience and insight required for successful development  projects that result in positive outcomes for our partners, investors and purchasers.

Beyo Group’s ability to implement, monitor and respond to strategies throughout the procurement of the projects ensures quality remains a constant. We do this by effectively combining:

  • innovative and practical design skills,
  • prolific experience and construction expertise
  • teamwork based and straightforward administration

Beyo Group focus on creating exciting architectural experiences with a meticulous standard of finish and workmanship with mindfulness of the built form legacy to the community

Business Process

Beyo Group controls every aspect of the development and construction process including site acquisition, concept design, design development, authority approvals, build ability reviews, construction, marketing and handover.

Beyo Group is committed to setting the benchmark in design; a benchmark, other development companies will aspire to. We are well aware of the social legacy left with each of our projects. For this reason, Beyo Group selects highly experienced professionals whose styles match the specific requirements of each development. Professionals whose commitment reflects Beyo Group’s – who understand it’s not enough for a building to be aesthetically pleasing, it must be functional, practical and durable.

We see the construction process as being one of the most vital aspects of each development. For this reason input from our highly committed team, with experience in managing a diverse range of construction projects, forms an integral part of the success of the project. Our project managers are involved in the design phase from an early stage, ensuring proven construction detailing, material selection and build-ability.

Further to meeting ESD initiatives, NaTHER and Green Star compliance requirements, Beyo Group has extended sustainability criteria with special consideration to:

  • Inbuilt energy management system including visibility of live data for occupants to monitor and respond to their energy consumption
  • On site co generation systems incorporating battery storage for effective
  • Setting minimum (20%) acquisition of green power for buildings
  • Carbon footprint and the selection of consultants/contractors and materials

Beyo will continue to incorporate into the Koukoura Drive and Steen Avenue developments

  • exceed minimum standards required by regulatory authorities
  • develop and share insight into healthy sustainability practices with our Partners
  • expand its sustainability practices embedded throughout its business operations.

Disability and Equal Access
Ageing, injury and natural causes of functional difficulties are a normal part of a healthy society. Beyo Group strive for a built legacy that dignifies the faculties of all its buildings’ users. We emphasise the accommodation of disability access beyond, DDA-Disability Discrimination Act and BCA prescriptive requirements namely by:

  • Emphasizing, at the onset to the design consultants, that the end product must not appear as though ramps, ‘special’ handles and finishes have been inelegantly attached to merely satisfy minimum regulatory requirements.
  • Disability considered streetscape, public areas, fixtures, fittings and furniture must be composed eloquently

Joint Ventures
Beyo Group believes that a successful development can often be attributed to understanding our partners’ core values and required outcomes. We have honed our skills in relationship management, ensuring that various parties understand their roles whilst making sure lines of communication are kept clear and open at all times.

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